Paraskevi Giovani film music composer







Welcome to my site

I am a Composer,Orchestrator/Arranger,Sound Designer,Computer Musician,Pianist and Music Teacher.

I create music in a variety of styles from Classical and Impressionism to Ethnic and Electronica. I started composing of the age of 14. Following studies at various Conservatories I received Diplomas in Composition, Orchestration and Piano. I am also a Music Teacher inGeneral Music, Music Technology, Composition and Piano. I am also specialized in Music for Motion Pictures with a MMus in Music Composition for Films and Media from Kingston University London.

I work also as a freelance composer and I compose music for Animations, Games, Documentaries, Web Pages and Library Music. Many of my tracks are licensed for USA Tv Series and Commercials worldwide like Moonshiners, Pawn Stars, Paranormal Challenge, No Kitchen Required,Schwarzkopf, Nickelodeon.

I am also interested in Music Programming and Sound Synthesis Compositions with CSound and Max/Msp. I study ways to build music modules in Mat Lab and in other sound synthesis tools and programs.